Caramel & Co: Monaco Hobo Bag

Looking for the perfect nude bag to compliment your everyday outfit? Look no further than the Monaco Hobo by Caramel &Co. Caramel & Co was founded by Susan after her son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of two and a half. Thankfully, after three and a half years

You’re Invited.. Maiocchi Summer Collection Launch!

Hi Lovelies, I’m thrilled to announce that all Teacher Style followers have been formally invited to the Maiocchi Summer Collection Launch next week! Come along and enjoy some bubbles and nibbles while you check out the new range Maiocchi has to offer. I look forward to seeing you there! L xx

The Perfect Farewell Gift For Year 12!

Looking for the perfect farewell gift for year 12 that is inexpensive, thought provoking and meaningful? I’ve got you covered! I have put together a small gift which I have found excites my students and leaves them feeling reassured about their future heading towards their HSC! The gift contains items

Practical Shoes for Practical Teachers

Teachers who teach practical subjects such as Science and TAS know that punishing feeling of needing to wear shoes that are safe for our teaching environment but don’t exactly compliment our outfits! However, I’m here to tell you that those safe practical shoes we must wear don’t have to be hideous

Creative desk spaces at school

Just because you’ve been assigned a desk at school doesn’t mean it needs to be boring or look like everyone else’s! A desk is an important park of your teaching life, you’ll often spend just as much time at it marking, planning and organising your lessons as you will teaching

The Staff Uniform

Most schools have a staff uniform, some being optional and others compulsory for sport days and even excursions. I believe a staff uniform is the easiest option on sport days and looks extremely professional when worn by all staff. I often wear my staff polo on sport days with a

Heels for school… it can be done!

Those of you that have been following me for just over a year now would know I love a good heel and they are often my go to shoes for school, except when I have prac. I am often asked “how can you wear heels all day?”, well here are

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